How to Make Your Website an Ally in Finding Your Next Associate

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Your first exposure to a potential new associate is almost certainly not going to be a phone call or a handshake. The nature of the market today is that people want to look at you without you knowing. Logically, this will lead them to your website.    Unless you are a large, multi-location practice, it probably…

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Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Build LinkedIn Profile

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. These days, your first contact with a potential employer usually isn’t a phone call or a handshake. To land a job, your online presence is increasingly as important as your resume. LinkedIn is an important way potential employers are likely to get an early…

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Curb Appeal: What Do Potential Associates Look for in an Opportunity?

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Thousands of practices throughout the country are competing for the attention of a finite number of Optometrists and Ophthalmologists to become their next associates. For practice owners, attracting and hiring top talent can be a major challenge. Today’s associates are looking for opportunities for professional growth, income growth potential and a positive work environment. If…

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What to Do When an Associate Doesn’t Want to Renew Their Contract

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Maybe the contract renewal has been with the associate for a while and you’re hearing radio silence. Maybe they’ve told you they have no interest in renewing. Either way, you find yourself in limbo while you consider your next move. While every situation has factors that make it unique, here are some guidelines to consider.…

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Preparing for Popular Associate Optometrist & Ophthalmologist Interview Questions


Hiring managers can only learn so much through a resume. If you’ve made the cut to visit the office for an interview, it means the practice wants to dig deeper. This is your chance to articulate your personal passion for the industry, patients, and the procedures you perform.  Preparing before the interview is vital. The…

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