Optometrist discusses treatment with patient.

The Power of Emotional Intelligence in the Doctor-Patient Relationship

“Physician leaders who are able to exhibit high degrees of emotional intelligence (EI), particularly in how they manage their own…

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Hiring Hacks Thumbnail

Hiring Hacks from an Optometry Recruiter (Video)

What is the best way to present your opportunity to a candidate? How do you set your practice or opportunity…

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How to Set Yourself Apart from Other Candidates During the Interview

The increased demand for optometrists and ophthalmologists in today’s job market means you may very likely have multiple offers on…

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The Offer Series – Part 2: Considering an Offer (Video)

What are the different types of employee compensation for an Optometrist? Which compensation model earns the most income in the…

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The Offer Series – Part 1: Earning the Offer (Video)

When evaluating different Optometry opportunities, what is your priority? For many, compensation and benefits are at the top. For others,…

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Hiring Master Tip: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

As the largest and most successful Optometry and Ophthalmology recruiting firm in the country, we know a thing or two…

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