contract breach

Breach of Contract: What Happens Next?

Most practices have some type of contract with associates. For the most part, these agreements work well. But sooner or…

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Associate Contracts: What to Look For in Your Next Contract

A manila envelope appears on your desk with your new contract. It’s all there in black and white—the terms, salary,…

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base salary vs actual compensation

Base Salary vs Actual Compensation

Not all salaries are created equal. All too often, we find that job seekers will overlook a potentially rewarding opportunity…

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no contract

What to Do When an Associate Doesn’t Want to Renew Their Contract

Maybe the contract renewal has been with the associate for a while and you’re hearing radio silence. Maybe they’ve told…

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Are You Ready to Be a Partner?

There comes a time in every office when taking on an additional partner makes good business sense. Partners, unlike associates,…

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The Truth About Counteroffers

You’ve just accepted a great new job offer. The only problem is now your current employer is offering an enticing…

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